Market Research Services
Aerixon Research & Communications has been providing professional, accurate and cost-effective quantitative, qualitative and multi-modal data collection for a wide range of clients since 1999.

We offer professional consulting services for market research projects that include:

  • Methodological Development - determining which type of research method and application is right for the objectives of the project, and the budget allocated.
  • Telephone Survey (CATI) - sophisticated and highly scriptable questionnaire and sample management via our network of professional data collection partners using Voxco VCC technology.
  • Secure Web-based Surveys, (CAWI) - professional and secure online surveys.
  • Secondary Data Research - sometimes the information that your organization needs is already available, such as community profiles, relevant legislation as well as data from public domain studies. 
  • Questionnaire Design and Development - We design surveys that provide you with the answers that you need, not simply more questions that need to be answered.
  • Statistical Analysis, Reporting and Recommendations - We use professional multi-variate analysis to determine the significance of key results of quantitative survey data.
  • In-Depth Interviewing - Professional interviewing of target group decision makers.  Research of this nature is conducted exclusively by professional project managers, who are familiar with the nature of the sector being explored, and are thus able to probe for detailed information. 
Our Resources Include:
  • Data Collection Methods

  • - Telephone Surveys
    - Online Surveys
    - Mall Intercept
    - Mystery Shopping
    - In-Depth Interviews
  • Sample Area Development according to specific research requirements: 

  • - Demographic; 
    - Geo-Demographic; 
    - Psychographic characteristics; 
    - Statistical Reliability Thresholds
  • Secondary Research
  • Questionnaire Development
Our Full Service market research consulting services are provided by our professional team of experienced project managers and consultants, and by our strategic partnerships with industry leading data collection firms.

We only 'do' what we do well - our success is based solely on the success of our clients - if we don't have the necessary expertise, we'll find it for you.

Some of our clients...

"Aerixon developed an online survey that enabled us to improve our customer service in that we found out what we are doing right and where we needed to improve.

Great Job!"

M.Scott Glum
Operations Manager
Grainfields Restaurants

"When undertaking the first Internal Customer Satisfaction Online Survey for Bank of Ireland Treasury and International Banking, the expertise and knowledge provided by Aerixon Communications and Research proved invaluable. 
I wholeheartedly endorse Aerixon, and welcome the chance to work with them again in the near future." 

Peter Ryan, MBA 
Market Research Manager 
Bank of Ireland Treasury & 
International Banking 

"Aerixon has been a great help to our Association by developing and maintaining our online presence, which has enabled us to communicate with our existing members and attract potential new members through the Internet. " 

Ryan Henderson, B.Comm 
Research and Marketing  Assistant, North Saskatoon Business Association

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